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What Do Platelets Do?

Platelets are a very interesting component of our blood. Without them, we literally could not survive. There is a lot to know about platelets, things such as what they are, what they look like, what they do, and how many of them you are supposed to have in your body. […]

Remedy For Low Platelet Count

A low platelet count might sound like a pretty scary thing, and in reality, if the condition is severe enough, it can indeed be quite dangerous. The platelets in your blood are a very crucial component besides red and white blood cells. These are the things which clot and coagulate […]

Does Platelet Count Decrease With Age?

Your blood consists of three main parts, white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. Today we’re here to talk about platelets, specifically your platelet count. Platelets are indeed a very important component of the blood. Without these platelets, we simply would not survive at all. That being said, too […]

Do Platelet Counts Fluctuate?

  Platelets are, of course, a very important component of our blood. Without them, we would not be able to survive. Just like white and red blood cells, platelets have an extremely crucial role to play in our blood. That being said, just like everything else in this world, the […]

Can Kiwi Increase Platelet Count?

Platelets are an extremely important component of your blood. Platelets are created in your bones and they contribute to your good health. If you did not already know, the function of platelets is to bind themselves to the walls of your veins and arteries, clotting your blood and clogging cuts […]

Can Low Platelets Make You Tired

Can Low Platelets Make You Tired?

As if there are not enough things going on in your life to make you tired, your body and the many different levels of nutrients, vitamins, and cells within it can also have adverse effects on your energy. One cause of fatigue is often looked over, but it can affect […]

Can Platelets Be Increased

Can Platelets Be Increased

Of course, humans are lucky to have the medical technology that exists in today’s times. Without it, there would be a much higher infant mortality rate, a significantly lower average death age and much more prevalent disease throughout the world. If you get an infection you can take an antibiotic. […]

Foods to Increase Platelet Counts

Foods to Increase Platelet Counts

Natural ways to increase your platelet count are your best bet. Of course, some people have to take more drastic measures, but if you do not have to then there is no reason not to. The main ways to increase your platelet count is healthy living, like eating well and […]