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What is a Platelet Transfusion?

When the patient is showing bleeding signs, and his platelet count drops down to an intolerable level, the doctor will usually recommend a platelet transfusion, which is also called platelet concentrates. It is an effective way to replace the lost platelets and normalize its level. However, not all patients with […]

How to Increase Platelets Instantly

Platelets are the essential parts of the blood that contributes to the proper blood clotting. It is, therefore, necessary to take care of our body if we want to maintain its standard level. By doing some simple methods, we can protect ourselves from complications caused by low platelet count. Although […]

What Causes Low Platelet Count in Adult Men?

Platelets, which are also referred to as thrombocytes, are the smallest component of blood that plays a significant role in blood clotting. They react to the signals sent by the blood vessels when an injury or wound occurs. These elements have no nucleus; instead, they are developed from megakaryocytes found […]

How Low Can Your Platelets Go Before Death?

Low platelets may be considered a mild issue for some, but if not treated immediately can lead to various complications. This problem can reduce your body’s ability to clot properly when an injury occurs. Take note that platelets are responsible for proper blood clotting when the person got wounded. Without […]

What Does It Mean to Have Low Platelets?

Platelets are small particles of the blood that are responsible for blood clotting. They are shaped like a disk and have no nucleus. It played a significant role when a person got injured. They will receive chemical signals from the blood vessels, allowing them to clump together in the wounded […]

How to Increase Your Dog’s Platelet Count

We love our pets, and there is no doubt that we also feel sad if they feel ill. One of the dangerous health conditions that they can have is having a low platelet count, which is commonly called thrombocytopenia. In severe cases, they need to be hospitalized and undergo platelet […]

Low Platelet Count Causes in Adults

We should be responsible in making ourselves healthy. But what if we already did our best and we still suffer from a disease? It is frustrating, but we should lose hope. The best way to treat an illness is to understand its cause. Once we learn how it started, we […]

How to Increase Platelet Count Fast

A low platelet count can cause various disorders in the body. It can also be fatal if this problem is not treated immediately. It is, therefore, essential to do some preventative measures before you develop this condition. In some cases, it could not be avoided most especially if this disease […]