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Low Platelet Count in Dogs

Platelets are a small component of the blood that contributes to proper blood clotting. There are also these same particles that are found in a dog’s blood. They gather in the place where a wound occurs to prevent the blood from flowing out from the animal’s body. Together with other […]

How Long Does It Take to Donate Platelets?

Platelet is one of the major components of blood which you can donate. It is responsible for proper clotting of blood. It plays an important role when the person gets wounded. Just like the whole blood, it is also an essential element that can save the lives of many people. […]

How to Increase Platelet Count During Chemotherapy

Some types of cancer can result in a low platelet count. The doctor will always find more ways to treat this disease. However, the treatment itself can cause the condition called thrombocytopenia. One of the procedures that leads to this problem is chemotherapy. It can damage not just the bone […]

How to Increase Blood Platelets Rapidly

To value our lives, we need to do the steps that will make us healthy. We usually hear the words, “prevention is better than cure.” With this quote in mind, it is essential that we can control the diseases from existing on our body. It is the most cost-effective way […]

What the Liquid Portion of Blood is Called

  There are a lot of strange activities happening inside our body. We are aware that it consists of different parts and they all work together to function correctly. Just like many individual elements that travel our body systems, the blood is one of them that promotes a lot of […]

What is Another Name for Red Blood Cells

The blood is an essential element found inside our body. We are aware of its importance in our lives, but it has a lot of actions that remain to be a puzzle for us. We must know that it is also made up of different components for it to function […]

Low Platelets in Children

Undoubtedly, we love our children. It tears our heart seeing them when they are not feeling well. We do our best to ensure that they get the best care they need, so they get healthy. However, there are times that no matter how hard we try, they are still prone […]

Lifespan of Platelet

Platelet is a component of the blood which is responsible for clotting everytime the body gets wounded. It is also called thrombocytes. This element has no nucleus. Instead, they are formed from the megakaryocytes which reside in the bone marrow. They receive signals everytime the person gets cut, and they […]

What are Scabs Made Of?

Most people probably have experienced cut or wounds. Of course, kids are not an exception. We are just sometimes surprised to see blood flowing from the affected area, and what’s more surprising is it gets healed on its own. Sounds mysterious? Accidents may happen unexpectedly, and most of the time, […]