It is understandable if you are too cautious with your actions when you have a health condition. Anything that you do without extra care can put you into a life-threatening situation. Aside from thinking that you have limited activities to do, you also have the fear that complications may get worse. The key to keep yourself safe is to understand the cause of the issue and learn the effective ways on how to prevent its occurrence.

However, in some cases, a particular disease can be due to inheritance. Although we try hard to boost our health, an inherited condition can sometimes hinder us from achieving our health goals. Despite this fact, you may not be able to be fully cured, but there are practical things that you can do to prevent the complications or symptoms of your condition from existing.

One health problem that some people have is a low platelet count. It sounds like a mild disease, but you should be aware that it can be fatal if you are not aware of the things that you should do and need to avoid. It is affecting millions of people in the world. Therefore, you should care, too. First, let us understand the importance of platelets in the body, so you’ll know why it is necessary for you to be cautious when you have a platelet disorder.

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The function of platelets

The primary function of platelets is to help with proper blood clotting. It is the body’s physiological process that keeps each human alive when a wound or cut occurs. Platelets are the small components of the blood that gather together to form a clot and cover the hole of the affected area. This process prevents the blood from flowing out of the body. Without these elements, it will be difficult for the body to cope up when an injury occurs.

With its function in mind, we can say that no other element can replace the benefits of platelets. It is why platelets transfusion is often required for patients who have bleeding symptoms. When the bone marrow doesn’t produce enough of it, the person can have a decreasing platelet count which can be determined by a blood test. Too low production of platelets is called thrombocytopenia.

Going to the beach

If you are diagnosed with this condition, the first thing that you have to keep in mind is to protect yourself from getting wounded. So, how you do it if you want to go to the beach? We know that this activity is refreshing and fun, and anyone who wants to release stress temporarily will surely consider this location. Don’t get frustrated yet because there are excellent tips for you!

  1. Talk to your physician about your plan of going to the beach. He may need to give you a prescription that you can use when an emergency happens. Don’t hesitate to ask him about other recommendations like additional things you can bring with you for extra protection. Take note of the right schedule of taking your medicine to ensure that you are still following the regular treatment procedure.
  2. Prepare your medicine kit and put it in a bag that you can easily access every time you need it. Do not place it on other things that will make it hard for you to find. If possible, put it in a separate bag and include all the necessary stuff like bandage which you can use when you accidentally get wounded. Do not bring any drug that is not prescribed by your doctor most especially those anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin. Some medicines may contain platelet-reduction properties so make sure only to include those that he recommends. Don’t forget other essentials like compression, saline nasal gel for the nosebleed, and anything that can cover your wound.
  3. Make sure that your baggage is lightweight. You should also keep your medicine kit handy instead of including it in the whole luggage. Take note that you are still prohibited from lifting heavy bags. You can use a rolling suitcase to ensure that it is more comfortable to bring your things without the need of raising them.
  4. Remember not to join the crowd because others can accidentally bump you. It can lead to bruises and other symptoms of low platelet count.
  5. Avoid foods that can decrease your platelet counts like garlic, grapes, onions, blueberries, and ginger. They can trigger the development of bleeding even when you don’t have any wound on the external parts of your body.
  6. Do not go to areas where there are sharp rocks or shells. It will not only hurt your feet but cause bleeding as well. Although the beach is sandy, consider the fact that some parts of the beach water may have broken shells. It is too dangerous to step on it which can happen even when you wear slippers. It is better to stay beside the beach than take the risk to step on the water.
  7. Prevent yourself from sunbathing because sunburn can cause scrapes on your skin that can eventually bleed. If possible, wear a hat and just stay under the shade of the tree. It can still enable you to enjoy the view even when you are not bathing.
  8. Since you are on a beach, take advantage of sipping a glass of coconut juice to keep you hydrated. This power food can replace the lost electrolytes in your body. A person with low platelet count needs hydration. It contains platelet-boosting qualities that your body will surely love.
  9. If possible, bring a family member with you. He/she will help you whenever an emergency occurs most especially when no one is around to see you. Many things can happen during your beach time, so it is essential if someone is ready to assist when you need.

There you go! You can still enjoy the refreshing day at the beach as long as you know what needs to be done. Proper planning is easy once you understand the importance of taking care of yourself.


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