Boosting Up

Fast Ways to Raise White Blood Cell Count

Our body is amazing! It’s capable of recognizing danger and healing itself. Our body is even protecting us by effectively initiating a “flight or fight” response whenever it faces danger. And one of the most important components of our body that has the capability to do this is our white […]

Platelet Count Range Chart

For us individuals, the idea of maintaining the normal platelet count range had become so important. No matter who you are, young or adult, having a normal platelet count is something we should watch out for ourselves. We will show you later the platelet count range chart so you can […]

How to Increase White Blood Cells?

Along with the prevalent diseases nowadays is low white blood cells. Simple as it sounds, but hard to address. They are an essential component of the blood system made up of platelets, plasma, and red blood cells. Even though they only account about 1% in the body, their impact is […]

What Causes Low Platelets?

What causes low platelets? Most of us have had a blood test and been told that this is a concern. Platelets are required for clotting blood in our body by clumping together. You can experience some complications if your platelet count is so low. Low platelets are sometimes the cause […]

Where Are Platelets Made?

Platelets are important cells of human body. These cells circulate in the blood and bind together when it recognizes damaged blood vessels. It is very important because it helps to stop the bleeding whenever you get a cut and suffer a blood clot. To fully understand where platelets are made, […]

How to Increase RBC Count

Red Blood Cells, shortly known as RBC is a highly imperative constituent of the human body and without this, individuals can never survive even a single moment. RBC does not just carry nutrients to the different parts of the body but this also aids the vital organs to function properly […]

Low Platelets and Leukemia

Every single minute of every day, your body is doing amazing things that you aren’t even aware of. There are millions of cells delivering blood to the areas that need it most and bringing oxygen to organs, so they can run smoothly. The brain is constantly thinking, and you are […]