What Is Platelet Aggregation?

Platelet aggregation is also known as clotting. Platelet adhesion is also an alternative name of it. To better understand the platelet aggregation, you must first know about the platelets. Platelets are tiny disk-shaped blood cells which are also recognized as thrombocytes. In medical terms, platelet aggregation is defined as the […]

How Do Platelets Aid in the Healing of Cuts?

How do platelets help in the healing of cuts you may ask? Well, to better understand the role of platelet in wound repair, first it is essential to gain an appreciation for the normal biology of healing wound and how every component of whole blood, from which platelet is derived, […]

What Factor Stimulates Platelet Formation?

Platelets serve as one of the key components of the blood. They play a crucial role in normalizing the function of the body. They are a significant element that control bleeding and the loss of the blood after platelet formation and blood clotting. As a cellular component of blood, they […]

Petechiae and Purpura Are Common Signs Of…

Two terms which refer to bleeding that takes place in the skin are purpura and petechiae. In general, petechiae refer to a small lesion while purpura is a term that refers to a large lesion. In specific conditions, purpura might be blatant. In all conditions, petechiae don’t lighten once pressed. […]

How Long Do Platelets Last In The body?

The human body is a magnificent thing. Think about it for a second: As you sit here and read this, there are millions of cells flowing through your body, circulating blood and oxygen. Even now, your brain is able to identify feelings and sensations through the body, and there are […]

Platelet Count Normal Range

  Platelets are essential in taking care of your body. One of the main purposes it has is to stop the wounds or cuts from bleeding. It saves our life through surrounding the wound, circulates the blood, and it binds together. The process ensures the formation of a blood clot. […]

How Many Liters of Blood are in the Human Body?

Blood is a fluid substance which is one of the most intriguing and mysterious substances known to man, capturing the human imagination for most of your existence. It has played a very crucial part in the development of many aspects of your folklore, culture, religion, and spirituality. Blood is not […]

Medical Term for Blood Clot

A blood clot has been a common health dilemma nowadays. Because of the kind of diet that people have, its percentage is high without a doubt. Before it’s too late, everyone has to be health conscious. As part of the process, it is important to know what blood clot means. […]