How Long Do Platelets Live?

Platelets are an essential component needed by the body for coagulation and blood clotting. Platelets work along with white and red blood cells for the regulation and normal functioning of blood within our bodies. These blood cells each have their own functions as well as lifespans. Among the three, platelets […]

Purpose of a Platelet Count

Platelets are small cells that circulate throughout our bloodstream and bind together when they come across other blood vessels that are damaged. When you have a cut, your platelets gather and bind at the site of the damage. This is what stops our body from excessive bleeding. Platelet shape Platelets […]

What Does Platelet Clumping Mean?

Platelets are tiny fragments of cells that can be found throughout every person’s bloodstream. The purpose for these fragments is to address and seal any breaks in blood vessels, such as tears, scrapes, and cuts. This achieved through the clumping of platelets over the wound, preventing excessive loss of blood. […]

How to Do a Platelet Estimate?

Platelet count can be performed manually with a hemocytometer or utilizing an automated analyzer. Platelet numbers can also be estimated by a laboratory examination of your blood via a blood smear. Many laboratories have instruments that count platelets effectively, along with leukocytes and red cells. Because of this, platelet count […]

How are Platelets Formed?

Platelet production, derived from megakaryocytes, is regulated with thrombopoietin. Thrombopoietin is a hormone that is produced within the liver and kidneys. These steps explain how platelet forms from their very birth to their disposition. 1.) Birth of an embryo When an embryo first comes to be, it consists of totipotent […]

What is Mean Platelet Volume?

Platelet disorders are relatively common in the practice of medicine. In order clarify the cause of these orders and help with diagnosis and treatment, mean platelet volume is now reported on every complete blood count. If you’ve recently had a complete blood count (CBC), you may have seen the letters […]

Why Platelets Are Important

Blood is an interesting thing, as is the human body in general. Blood keeps us alive; it delivers oxygen to our organs and muscles, and it supplies us with the proteins and nutrients that we need to survive. There is a lot going on with blood, with way too many […]

What Do Platelets Do?

Platelets are a very interesting component of our blood. Without them, we literally could not survive. There is a lot to know about platelets, things such as what they are, what they look like, what they do, and how many of them you are supposed to have in your body. […]