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When to Worry About Elevated Platelets

Elevated platelets are characterized by the overproduction of platelets in the body. The average level should only be between 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood. Exceeding this amount can cause various health problems. This condition is also referred to as thrombocytosis and can be the cause of disorder […]

Causes of High Mean Platelet Volume

Your blood has many different kinds of cells, which include white blood cells, red blood cells, as well as platelets. General practitioners order blood examinations as they want to study these cells for symptoms of medical issues. Complete Blood Count or CBC for short is the most common assessment that […]

What Does High Platelet Count Mean?

The human body is mainly composed of blood. It is also one of the most intriguing and secretive substances known to man and captures the human imagination for most of its existence. It has also played a very crucial role in the development of many factors of our folklore, religion, […]

Why Would a Platelet Count Be High?

Platelets are a small, spherical/oval shaped component of our blood. Although derived from a cell structure, platelets themselves don’t have a nucleus. Platelets are formed from small fragments found in bone marrow and play a vital role in the necessary function of blood clotting. General platelet levels found in the […]

What is Considered a High Platelet Count?

A high platelet count is when your blood contains more platelets than normal. If you’ve been told that you or a family member has high platelets, you’re probably wondering what exactly this means. High platelets are tiny blood cells that help with blood clotting. A healthy person typically has between […]