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Most people never have to worry about any kind of risks to their health, simply because their system doesn’t produce enough platelets.

Platelets are called thrombocytes and are a part of the blood whose job is to help coagulate blood to stop a bleeding cut or injury.

They help by clotting the blood vessel, so your blood does not simply keep flowing with every beat of your heart. When people have low platelets, they are at a huge risk for even a tiny cut or knick with a pair of scissors, and they must seek medical attention immediately.

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Certain people have more knowledge than others, such as author Jason Cruz who had a brother and mother with low platelets and high risks of injuries. They dealt for years with not being able to clot their own blood after an injury, and his brother specifically was having a very hard time with his treatments.

Certain medications can be prescribed for this condition, which is also known by the name I.T.P (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura) or thrombocytopenia, and these medications are sometimes helpful in managing the condition, but in others, such as Mr. Cruz’s brother, they exasperated his medical condition and caused him to gain excessive amounts of weight and become even iller.

These medications are called platelet stimulating agents, and are used to stimulate megakaryocytes, which are the precursors of platelets themselves. They work by making your bodies produce more platelets faster than normal in order to bring up your platelet count.

Normal, healthy men and women (and children) have between 150,000 and 450,000 platelets. When taking a platelet stimulant medication, one hopes that the new platelets are developed enough to overcome the low platelet count condition, but there is always a concern that the platelets are not mature enough and therefore, are just as useless as not having the high count anyway.

What is the good of having a high count but low quality? Just about the same, I’m afraid.

When dealing with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura or low platelet counts, some people choose to regulate and treat their condition with a high quality and healthy diet. They watch the foods they eat, they specifically do not eat certain foods known to lower platelets, and they follow up with a well-rounded supplement routine that all work together to help increase their platelet counts.

Certain foods that are known to lower platelets include ones that contain quinine, such as bitter lemons, bitter melons, tonic water, aspartame (which is the bait and switch sweetener that companies use to make you think you are making healthy choices by switching to diet drinks and sugar free candies when in fact it is more harmful than having that 1 regular soda pop).

All of these items will in fact lower your platelets consistently, and in certain cases, make you sicker than you already are.

We all know that a plus and a minus takes you right back to zero, so it’s not just enough to add one good food, and get rid of one bad food. You would be back where you started. What you should be focusing on are foods that will boost your platelet count reliably and consistently.

While you can focus on several foods that will help you maintain your platelet counts, you can also review several other step by step guides to treat your platelet condition forever. Remember I mentioned Jason Cruz? He spent hours of research developing a comprehensive guide that has cured his brother’s problems with I.T.P forever.

You can research this guide here: Conquer Low Platelets, and discover for yourself exactly what you need to do to live a healthy, risk free high platelet count life. He has provided natural, safe, and proven herbal and mineral methods which prove that following a healthy regimen is better than any medication your doctor can prescribe.

He lists foods you should be eating, such as pomegranate fruit which is high in iron (which promotes healthy blood cells) and you can eat it raw or drink it in juice form; there are a ton of sugar free healthy juices made from pomegranates that should become an immediate staple in your diet.

Pretty much everyone knows milk does a body good, and with its high calcium levels, you can regenerate your body’s natural platelet counts immediately. It will help your body form clots and lower your risks.

So, you could spend hours researching on your own, trying to find all the right things you should be eating and using, but Jason Cruz has already done that for you! Look it up here today: Conquer Low Platelets.

What Kind of Platelet Problem Do You Have?

Fixing Your Platelet Count Is Possible!

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