Platelets are a crucial element of your blood that help maintain the normal, everyday functions of your body. They help to form clots when your skin is broken. They also help to prevent dangerous and excessive bleeding that may result in loss of consciousness and even death. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a healthy amount of your precious platelets. Thrombocytopenia is the condition of having a low platelet count. A low platelet count is detrimental to your health, so you must take the appropriate actions necessary to avoid more serious problems.

Slow blood clotting; a bleeding nose and gums, red or purple spots on the skin, and heavier menstrual cycles for women are some of the symptoms of a low platelet count.  This condition must not be ignored as it may lead to more serious conditions. The medication required to normalize your blood platelet count can be expensive. Thus, treatment requires the patient to be hospitalized. Luckily, there are alternative solutions that save you from having to break the bank. You can increase your blood platelet count naturally with the help of foods that are specially chosen to help you combat your condition.

The following are some of the best foods to increase your platelet count. Fortunately, with the help of these foods, you can improve your situation, and your life by keeping the threats of having a low platelet count at bay.

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Papaya and Papaya Leaf

Papaya is a highly recommended natural tropical remedy, especially if you have a low level of platelets. Aside from eating the papaya fruit, you can also drink a brew made from the papaya leaves. Scientific researchers at the Asian Institute of Science and Technology in Malaysia revealed that the papaya leaf extract is proven effective to increase the number of platelets among patients who have dengue fever and malaria.

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To increase your platelet count with papaya leaf, boil the papaya leaves in a kettle with water. Strain and drink the extract two times a day. You can also consume the leaf extract and the fruit to improve your blood platelet count.

Leafy Greens          

Leafy greens like kale, basil, mustard greens, spinach, parsley, Swiss chards, okra, cabbage, watercress, celery, broccoli and fenugreek leaves are rich in Vitamin K. You can consume these healthy foods when your platelet count hits bottom of the lower recommended limit. When you are injured, the body activates proteins to fuel the formation of blood clots and stop the bleeding. These proteins are dependent upon the Vitamin K for its activation. Without Vitamin K, blood clotting is never possible. That is why you need to consume more of leafy greens when your platelet count is low.

Thus, leafy greens especially kale are composed of a high level of Vitamin K. To increase your platelet count with leafy greens, add it to salads and smoothies. You can also boil or blanch them.

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Carrot and Beetroot     

Beetroot is one of the most recommended foods for treating anemic patients. Based on studies, one bowl of beetroot and carrot consumed twice a week supports the improvement of blood platelet levels. You can also drink the juice and add it to your favorite salads. You can also prepare soup with these wonder foods. Carrots are not just effective to improve your vision, but it also helps protect you from the potential consequences of having a low blood platelet count. It is one of the best remedies used for fighting against anemia and other diseases.

Fresh Milk

Fresh milk is rich in vitamin D, calcium, vitamin K, and folate. These essential minerals help to strengthen and develop strong bones. Lack of Vitamin K stops your blood from clotting and can lead to serious bleeding. To increase your platelet count, include milk in your daily diet. Even more important, it can also boost your immunity against other diseases. The vitamin K that you can find in fresh milk helps for proper blood clotting.

Milk can boost your platelet count if you consume a glass of it in the morning and before going to sleep. You can also add it to your dessert, breakfast bowl and smoothie.


Raisins are composed of iron that is important for platelet and red blood cell growth. Anemia, thrombocytopenia, and low platelet count are all causes of iron deficiency. With raisins on your daily diet, you can increase both of your iron and platelet levels.

Soak the raisins overnight. You can add raisins to your breakfast bowl, smoothie, and glass of milk in the morning. You can also use it to make a dessert, sprinkled on your yogurt and oatmeal. To boost your platelet growth, just pop 5 to 6 raisins in your mouth as your delicious snack. You can eat them between big meals.

Vitamin C-rich foods

Regular consumption of Vitamin C-rich foods help to boost platelet production in the body. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and it helps promote the body’s ability to avoid free radical damage caused by the platelets. To fulfill your body’s requirement of 400 to 2000 mg of Vitamin C, you must include vitamin C-rich foods on your diet like lemons, oranges, mangoes, kiwi, spinach, bell peppers, and broccoli.


Pumpkin is a good source of vitamin A which helps promote the growth of platelets. It also regulates the proteins which are produced by the body’s cells. Your platelet count can be improved through the regulation of protein cells. To use pumpkin for increasing your platelet count, prepare a glass of half fresh pumpkin juice and add one teaspoon of honey. You can drink it twice or thrice daily to attain maximum results. It can also be added to your smoothies, soups, baked goods, and puree.

Fish oil

According to Thunder Bay Regional Health Center, a high protein diet helps to boost the platelet count in your body. Researchers revealed that fish oil could increase the amount of your platelet. Consumption of fish oil on your diet helps to avoid the diseases that can be caused by having a low platelet count.

To use fish oil in boosting your platelet count, increase your consumption of lean protein. Consume more of chicken breast, fish and ask your doctor about the best fish oil supplement and its dosage to obtain positive results.

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The red and diamond-like seeds of pomegranate are composed of high nutrients that have antioxidant, immunity boosting as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Scientific studies said that pomegranate could support to increase platelet level and avoid the risk of illnesses. The nutrients found in pomegranate also serve as a good source to boost your energy.

You can make a fresh juice of pomegranate and drink it. You can also add it to your smoothies, salads, and breakfast bowls.

Chlorophyll from Wheatgrass

In a study distributed in the International Journal of Universal Pharmacy and Life Sciences, wheat grass is proven to be effective in elevating blood platelet count. By simply drinking a cup of wheat grass, with a lemon juice, you can increase your blood platelet level.

The chlorophyll is considered as a similar molecular structure to hemoglobin. It is known as the blood of plants. Just like in plants, the chlorophyll from wheatgrass is effective for overall blood production and increases your body’s platelet count. Wheatgrass juice is composed of 70% of chlorophyll, and it is the best source of this nutrient. By drinking a half cup a day, you can enhance your blood platelet level.

Iron-rich foods

Iron deficiency is one of the principal reasons for having a low blood platelet level. Iron plays a significant role in the production of healthy cells in your body. It is the best to cure people with anemia and other low iron diseases. Include iron-rich foods in your diet like pomegranate, leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, and lentils. With this, you can have an optimum iron and platelet level that will maintain the healthy and normal function of your body.

Folate-rich foods

Lack of folate in your body is one of the main reasons to have a low blood platelet count. Therefore, you must include in your diet with folate-rich or vitamin B9 foods to increase your immunity system and blood platelets. Consume folate-rich foods such as orange juice, leafy greens, asparagus, and spinach.

Vitamin A-rich foods

Vitamin A is important for healthy blood platelet production. More importantly, his nutrient is also necessary for your body’s protein formation. With a sufficient amount of protein in your body, you can improve the procedure in cell division and growth. Some of the Vitamin A-rich foods that you can include in your diet are sweet potatoes, kale, pumpkin, carrot and more.

Vitamin B-12 rich foods

With vitamin B-12 rich foods in your diet, you can ensure to have an increased platelet count. Thus, this nutrient can keep your blood cells healthy. On the other hand, the deficiency of this nutrient results in low platelets counts. Vitamin B-12 can be found in foods like eggs, cheese, milk and more.

Lean meats

Lean meats like chicken, fish, and turkey are rich in zinc, protein, vitamin B12 that helps to increase the count of your blood platelets. It can also help you to improve your body resistance against several threatening diseases.


According to scientific studies, beans are composed of Vitamin B9 or folate that incredibly helps to boost an individual’s platelet count. Some other foods that are also rich in vitamin B9 or folate are oranges, spinach, and asparagus.


Garlic is not just an effective blood purifier, but it also helps to increase your blood platelet count naturally.  This natural food can practically normalize your blood platelets.

Cod liver oil and flax seed oil

Cod liver oil and flax seed oil consumption can help you to strengthen your immune system. It is the best low blood platelets treatment approach that combats the risk of diseases caused by low platelet count. Several autoimmune disorders are the principal cause of thrombocytopenia or low platelet count. Fortunately, these oils are helpful to reduce inflammation in the body. It also helps to improve your blood circulation. Cod liver oil and flax seed oil are usefully supporting factors, but it can also act as a blood thinner.

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Macrobiotic diet

According to the Platelet Disorder Support Association, vital anti-inflammatory diet is highly recommendable when it comes to thrombocyte or blood platelet production. This type of diet is beneficial to support optimum blood production.

More importantly, combating thrombocytopenia among patients is also observed. The macrobiotic diet suggests a consistent consumption of organic beans, vegetables as well as whole grains. However, this type of diet also suggests the reduction of intake levels of animal protein except for high-quality natural cheese, yogurt, and cheese. In this diet, you will avoid several food elements like alcohol, aspartame, quinine, bitter lemon, bitter melon and tonic water.

These food groups are crucial to boosting your platelet count, but it is also better to consult the advice of a nutritionist or general practitioner. The guide of the experts is necessary for you to understand the case of having a low platelet count.

Despite the benefits that it can bring, you must also be aware of food allergies. Thus, food allergies can lead to constant fatigue, depression and even cell destruction. The allergic reactions that brought about by your diet can lead to the damage of healthy blood cells.

These are the best low platelets treatment foods that you can depend on to improve your overall health. It will not just help you to increase your low blood platelets, but it can also boost your immune system to perform at your best efficiency. Live a healthy life with these low platelets treatment foods and keep the healthy function of your body. Before setting up a diet to increase your low blood platelet, you must consider your food allergies.

An abnormal count of T-cells is a type of white blood cell that can signify hypersensitivity to food allergens. When your blood work indicates a high percentage of T-helper cell ratio, carefully monitor the symptoms in association with any changes to your new diet.

You deserve to reject diseases that can cause by low platelet counts. You don’t need to spend more to normalize your platelet levels. These low platelets treatment foods can lead you to healthy living.


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