People with low platelet counts have had an uphill battle with managing their condition. Treatments are not guaranteed, and many adults and children can worry and suffer for years with trying to find exactly the right balance between the diet and medications.

These medications are called platelet stimulating agents, and are used to stimulate megakaryocytes, which are the precursors of platelets themselves. They work by making your bodies produce more platelets at a faster than normal rate in order to bring up your platelet count.

If you’d like to learn about more natural ways to bring up your platelet levels then you should read this article.

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Normal, healthy men and women (and children) have between 150,000 and 450,000 platelets in a normal blood sample.

When taking a platelet stimulant medication, one hopes that the new platelets are developed enough to overcome the low platelet count condition, but there is always a concern that the platelets are not mature enough, and therefore are just as useless as not having the high count anyway.

What is the good of having a high count but low quality? It’s just about the same, I’m afraid.

Some people’s conditions are so bad, they are better off receiving blood transfusions to increase their platelet counts instead of trying to regulate them with medications.

When this occurs, one can only hope there are not any harmful substances within the blood they are receiving, such as a famous case in the 1980’s where a person contracted the HIV virus by receiving a blood transfusion.

It was very sad to watch a person trying to get well only to contract a deadly virus. When doctors want to try other courses of medicines, they look in the platelet stimulants category, which can include medications such as papaya leaf extract, super omega 3 combinations, some antimicrobials (including Ampicillin, piperacillin, rifampin), certain anticonvulsant medicines (like Carbam), and even simple medicines such as aspirin and NSAIDs.

The reason that taking medications are so dangerous is because you never know what they can react with or cause to otherwise harm you in some way. Many people do not like to take medications simply because they feel they are not healthy and try to promote an all-natural, holistic approach to their treatment plans.

One such person is Jason Cruz, whose brother dealt for years with I.T.P (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura), also known as low platelets. His brother spent so much time in the hospital that all the nurses knew him and everyone saw how much he suffered. After a series of medications to promote platelet growth, he became extremely overweight and self-conscious about another thing his body was doing to him.

In the end, the doctors felt there was no other alternative than to undergo a splenectomy in order to allow his body to process platelets faster and more reliable. Unfortunately, as a result, he became very ill and contracted an influenza virus and ultimately had to have many fingers and toes amputated due to poor circulation in his extremities.

Mr. Cruz decided then and there that he would dedicate his life to finding a better way for his brother.

A better, safer, healthier way had to be better than forcing prescription medications on him or undergoing more surgeries in efforts to control this awful condition. He finally found the answers he was searching for and his brother is now healthier than ever and has no issues with low platelets anymore.

Thousands of people are thanking him for taking the time and effort to figure out how to manage their conditions naturally, holistically, and 100 percent risk-free.

You see, Mr. Cruz discovered that there are naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that are similar to the stimulants that the medications are promoting. He figured out that simply substituting vitamins for prescription medications and following a clean diet and lifestyle, these herbs and vitamins can actually:

  • Increased platelets
  • Decreased their destruction
  • Increased the survival of platelets in the blood
  • Allow the person to completely give up any medical steroid medication they were on.

This is AMAZING! Imagine, all those years his brother spent in the hospital and the sadness and anguish he felt when he lost his fingers and toes. Jason Cruz wrote and published his findings for the world to use and benefit from. You can find it here Conquer Low Platelets and read and share with anyone who suffers from I.T.P (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura).

Watch them feel better, look better, and no longer have to worry about bleeding profusely from a paper cut! They don’t have to rush to the hospital for a minor injury, and they don’t have to miss more of their lives dealing with this condition.


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