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If you are reading this, you have already been looking for reasons and help in dealing with your low platelet condition. You already know that most people have suffered for years with this blood disorder that causes your body not to be able to clot on its own during a bleeding injury.

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You also know that the doctors that treat you do not really understand what they are asking you to do when they prescribe all kinds of medications, what kinds of side effects you have to deal with daily, or even how hard it is to try to live your life when you are constantly rushing to the hospital because you have a paper cut and you worry you are going to bleed out on the way there.

What Kind of Platelet Problem Do You Have?

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But some people do. Some people suffer themselves and some watch their loved ones suffer. Meet Jason Cruz, a loving brother and devoted son, who watched his brother and mother deal with thrombocytopenia for years.

He watched as his brother spend Christmas and birthdays in the hospital while waiting for doctors to figure out how to help him. He dealt with low platelet counts for years while trying different medications and treatments that just didn’t work.

He would have an initial increase in platelet counts, but then they would fall off after a few months, only to leave him right back where he started. The medications the doctors gave him only made him extremely overweight, and uncomfortable in his own body. Jason watched his brother turn from a happy, well-adjusted playful boy to a frightened, heavy, isolated teenager because of his condition.

Some of the worst times in our lives are when we watch our loved ones suffer and cannot do anything to help them. After his brother underwent a splenectomy to try to regulate his platelet counts, he actually developed thrombocytosis due to elevated levels of platelets.

This is also just as scary because you can develop spontaneous blood clots in the arms or legs, leading to stroke, heart attack, or even sometimes death. Imagine, having a surgery that your doctors told you would solve all your problems only to develop the complete opposite problem!

How difficult would it be to explain to a child how that happened! They think the surgery is going to fix them, only to find out they just traded one set of problems for another! In addition, his brother became very sick with an influenza virus and had to have most fingers and toes amputated because of poor circulation.

You can just imagine the hopelessness and fear you would feel, watching a person you love dearly going through all these problems and not being able to help them.

Well, Jason said no more. He read, he researched, he talked to any doctor and nurse he could find to determine what exactly his brother needed to live life normally. After all, if normal ranges for platelets are between 150,000 and 450,000, surely they could get his brother’s ranges within those areas.

What Jason discovered is that there are many ways a person can treat their low platelet counts naturally and chemical free! He spent hours at the library, figuring out that certain vitamins and herbs have platelet stimulant properties, and when used in conjunction with modifications in a special diet they can actually reduce the medicines necessary to promote the healthy platelets!

Mr. Cruz tried and tested his theories on his brother and mother, who also suffered from this condition, and within a short period of time, both were healthy and living medication free!

Why would we continue to pump chemicals into our bodies and undergo unnecessary serious medical procedures when the answer is non-invasive and not harmful at all? Why suffer through years of worrying about a minor cut or having to rush to the nearest medical center when you don’t have to?

So many people have already benefited from the Jason Cruz’s publication, titled Conquer Low Platelets that they are raving about it all over the internet. He tells people how to control, manage, and sustain healthy platelet counts by using certain vitamins and herbs, and why their doctors aren’t cheating them by not telling them this information, they just don’t know it!

He tells everyone exactly how to avoid the long and dangerous road his brother had to travel by following his step-by step practical advice.

Why would you wait another minute? If you suffer from this condition, go to Conquer Low Platelets and order your copy and Conquer Low Platelets today!

What Kind of Platelet Problem Do You Have?

Fixing Your Platelet Count Is Possible!

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