Platelets are essential in taking care of your body. One of the main purposes it has is to stop the wounds or cuts from bleeding. It saves our life through surrounding the wound, circulates the blood, and it binds together. The process ensures the formation of a blood clot.

The platelets are the smallest blood cells of a person and are in the shape of tiny plates. The blood vessels often send signals to the blood platelets to respond on the broken area. The platelets turn to an active form in the surrounding areas to take care of the problem. The platelets often grow tentacles that resemble that of an octopus or a spider web.

What Kind of Platelet Problem Do You Have?

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The CBC or the Complete Blood Count

CBC is a yearly checkup a person must have. But, its purpose is more than that. It also plays an important role in determining the platelet count normal range in your blood. It is important to ensure there are no irregularities in the number of blood cells you have.

The cells that are part of CBC are the white blood cells, the red blood cells, and the platelets. Aside from the check-up you have to do, CBC is also important due to the following reasons:

  • To check if you have the condition of leukemia or anemia
  • To check if you have other health issues such as fever bruising, weakness and many more
  • To keep a close eye on the blood condition happening inside your body
  • To find out the effect medication such chemotherapy in your blood

You can normally drink or eat foods if the CBC test is the only medication you undergo during the day. You don’t need to limit your eating and drinking.

The Process of Making CBC

The process of taking CBC is fast and easy. It only takes a few minutes. First, the nurse or the medical staff inserts a needle in your veins. Then he or she will get a sample of your blood. The sample undergoes tests inside the laboratory to undertake a review of the platelet count normal range.

You can leave the hospital or the clinic and get back to the daily routine you are doing after the blood test. Doctors see to it you are fit to take CBC and tells you directions if they find indications of disease in your blood. You need to undergo more tests to know the right blood count.

The Measurement of the platelet count normal range is essential on the following things:

  • White Blood Cells or the WBCs – in undergoing this test, you have a good way of fighting infections inside your body. The WBC in the body gives you an indication that you have an infection in other parts of your body. Meanwhile, the low WBC gives you the information that you could probably on the risk of infection. Its normal range falls under 4,500 to 10,000 cells per microliter.


  • Red Blood Cell Count – it pertains to the red blood cells in your body. It is very important because it carries the oxygen in your body. It is also responsible for the filtering of carbon dioxide. A low count on the RBC indicates that you have anemia in your system. Persons who have anemia has a low count on his or her red blood cells and you can You can expect to have a normal range if it falls 5 million for men or 6 million for women


  • The Hb or Hbg or hemoglobin – it refers to the protein in your blood that is responsible for holding the oxygen. For men, it is 14 to 17 grams for the normal range. Women have normal range of 12 up to 15 grams.


  • Platelets – it plays a vital role in the process of clotting. The tests are highly responsible for measuring the number of platelets you have in your blood. The platelet count normal range falls under 140, 000 to 450,000 cells per ml.

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The Platelet Count Normal Range

In performing the CBC or the Complete Blood Count, you have a sure way of determining the platelet count normal range inside your body. All it takes is a small sample of your blood. The normal range of your platelet count falls from 150,000 up to 450,000 per microliter of your blood. People having a higher platelet count than 450,000 suffers from the condition of thrombocytosis.

What is Thrombocytosis?

It involves the condition of having too many platelets. The condition refers to Reactive Thrombocytosis or could be Secondary Thrombocytosis if the cause is a common condition in the body such as infection. Bone marrow or blood disease also cause the condition. The doctor makes a series of tests to determine if you have a reactive or a secondary thrombocytosis.


The Reactive or the Primary Thrombocytosis

In this condition, there is an increase in the number of platelets in the bone marrow. However, past and recent studies state that there is no known cause for this type of platelet disorder.

The Secondary Thrombocytosis

It is the same as the primary thrombocytosis, but the cause is different. In this condition, the cause might be cancer, infection, anemia or inflammation. People have this disorder notice few symptoms in their bodies such as a rapid blood clot in the areas of your legs or arms. It can lead to a serious case of heart disease or stroke.

At some point, you could suffer from a major condition such as plateletpheresis. It is responsible for lowering the platelet count in the body through the process of removal of the blood. In this way, the platelets undergo a separation. Then, the red blood cells are formed or put back in the body.

Meanwhile, if you are referring to the secondary thrombocytosis, its symptoms fall or relates to a condition you already have. An example of the condition is anemia. When undergoing the treatment, you let the platelets go down to balance the number it has on your body.

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What is Thrombocytopenia?

People are having an insufficient number of platelets in the body fall under the condition of thrombocytopenia. They might feel the symptoms such as often bleeding on the parts of the gums and nose. It can also be on the person having an easy bleeding condition. The number of platelets in your body falls if a condition is preventing the production of platelets in your body.

A few causes of the condition are the following:

  • The medications you are taking to address any condition in your bodies such as anemia or an infection might affect the number of platelets.
  • You have an inherited condition on the part of your mother or father or any relative in the family.
  • You might have various types of cancer, such lymphoma, and other conditions.
  • Chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer might be the cause of the condition.
  • Kidney infection you experience in your body.
  • You have too much alcohol in your system.

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Can Your Platelets lead to Heart Disease?

People have the chance to increase the clotting process they have on their body. It might sound good, but there is a possibility that your heart could take the consequence. The platelet function could largely affect the condition of your heart than the number of platelets you have. How is this possible?

For example, you have the right number of platelets in your blood. But if they are in a sticky formation in your system, there is a sure chance that leads to heart risk.

How to Keep Track of the Platelet Count Normal Range?

You might be feeling fine, but you still need to have a close look when it comes to your platelet count. It should have a balance scale in your system so that any unhealthy condition will not happen. Your doctor would advise you to take other effective measures for the bleeding to stop.

Here are the following things you can do:

  • It would be a good way to increase the count of your platelet to about 50, 000 in every microliter of blood. It is a good start so that any signs of bruising and bleeding is going to take no effect. If you have less 50,000 counts of platelets in your blood, there would be the possible occurrence of too much bleeding.
  • It is good to make your platelet count fall to a certain range than on an exact number. It would give you an easy way of balancing your platelet count on a normal basis. The platelet counts change every week so it would be a good idea of doing a few steps to make sure you wouldn’t have any problem with it.

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Defining the Platelet Range

Since the normal platelet ranges from 150, 000 to 450, 000 microliter of your blood, it would be good to determine your platelet range. The bruising symptoms of intense bruising have a chance to occur if the patient has platelet counts from 30, 000 to 50, 000 every microliter. It also goes similar to patients that have an intense bleeding condition that has 10, 000 every microliter of blood.

In undergoing the platelet treatment, you have a chance to increase the counts of your platelets to about 50, 000 microliters of blood.

It is a good way to have a platelet tracker to ensure that the platelet range you have suited your health.  In doing the monitoring process, you have the advantage to reduce any major risk of bleeding. The doctor gives you a series of tests and exercises so that to reach the goal of achieving the right platelet range.

There are a few important details that you should know to address the condition in the right manner as possible. Here, you are doing a close observance not only of the number of platelets but also the function it does on your body. You are sure to meet the expectations you have in mapping your platelet range.

The information patients see on the platelet checker is good to make sure the doctor’s advice is correct. It gives a clear indication of the percentage of the platelets together with the right checking if you have internal bleeding in your system.

High Risks of Having Blood Clots

If you have complications in your body, it is possible to determine the blood clot you have. You may have a high platelet count. In case of too much blood clots, there is a chance the blood could go into the lungs. It can cause major heart complications such as heart attack or stroke. It would be best to have a close talk with your doctor to ensure no excessive blood clots are happening both in the external and internal parts of the body.

Monitor Your Blood Test

it is an effective way of making sure you have a platelet count normal range. Here, a doctor checks your blood sample every week and gives an update of your platelets. If you are undergoing such treatments for infections or inflammation, it is good advice to monitor the blood count in every month. It gives you a chance not only to determine the right platelet range but also ensure that your platelets don’t affect your heart.


The platelet count normal range gives you a healthy life through checking the right platelet range, you have an assurance of preventing bruising or excessive bleeding. An excessive bleed is not good for the body as it gives a larger quantity of clotting. It can lead to heart complications such as stroke or heart attack. So, it would be better to determine the right amount of platelet count in your body.

Also, you can also undergo check-ups every week or every month to ensure that are no abnormality in your platelet counts. The platelet counts normal range important as it gives you the indication that you are healthy and there are no other health issues in your body. A healthy body results in a healthy life in the future. It is best to check and take care of it now.


What Kind of Platelet Problem Do You Have?

Fixing Your Platelet Count Is Possible!

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