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The big question here is – what is the regular range for blood platelets in a regular, healthy person with no known platelet problems? And today, we discuss this in details.

Normally, a typical platelet count should be between 150,000 to 450,000 platelets in your blood per sample. Platelets are a type of blood cell which is found in our body’s blood that aid and help in blood clotting, and help to stop any kind of bleeding.

If you have problems with low platelets, you will be in serious trouble with any kind of bleeding, cut or injury because your body cannot regulate its bleeding. You are at risk to bleed to death at any moment! It is a very scary and serious condition that thousands of people suffer from every day.

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How will you know if you have low platelets?

If you experience any of the usual symptoms of low platelet, your doctor will ask you many questions to determine if you need to take a CBC (complete blood test).

First, your doctor will ask you about: unexplained bruising, extended bleeding from any cut or small wound present, any nosebleeds, small red spots that can look like a rash on your legs or other areas of your body, or even small purplish spots called purpura. This is bleeding right under your skin that has collected and pooled together.

Sometimes people have too many platelets and clot so much that they are at risk of infections for any containments trapped inside, but this is a topic for another day.

Now, if your doctor determines you are indeed at risk and need to be given a CBC test, this will determine what is the current platelet count, and by this test, the doctor can know the number of platelets present in the blood.

Sometimes, experiencing thrombocytopenic purpura and/or additional destruction of platelets can be caused by certain congenital diseases. When you get your CBC test, they will determine if your decrease in platelet count is due to any of those diseases.

For the CBC, they will take a micro sample of blood to establish the cause of the decreasing platelets and the cause of the low readings. This is usually collected from the patient when they are deficient or suspected of being so.

Any special instructions will be given before the test, but there are usually no specific instructions besides fasting for 8 hours and then the samples can be taken at any time for the convenience of the patient. Taking the sample only takes minutes and then they are sent off to the lab. You will get a call in a few days and discuss with your doctor the results.

As I mentioned earlier, normal platelet ranges are from 150,000 to 450,000, so if you are below 150,000, your doctor will prescribe certain medicines. Sometimes, prescription medicines themselves are the cause of low platelets.

You should always disclose every medication you take, even if you think it will not affect your platelet count. If changes or adjustments need to be made, you and your doctor can work together to figure out the correct dosages.

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What Kind of Platelet Problem Do You Have?

Fixing Your Platelet Count Is Possible!

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