Solutions for Platelet Levels That Are “Too Low,” or “Too High.” (Downloadable Product.)



A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Your Platelet Count Within Healthy Limits

This guide will teach you all the important things you need to learn about platelets, platelet disorders and more! By reading our book, you will get to learn about many things, including:

-How your blood works. More specifically, how your platelets are created and the factors that affect its production.

-The different kinds of low platelet count disorders, including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment methods

-The different kinds of high platelet count disorders including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment methods.

-Related medical conditions caused by platelet disorders such as heart attack and stroke

-Dietary options and food choices to increase or decrease your platelet levels naturally

-Both modern and alternative healing methods to treat different platelet disorders

-The current areas of research in the subject of platelets and how to take part in clinical trials

-The medical professionals closely involved in your treatment

-Different patient support groups that you can join in order to receive educational, emotional, and financial support from people who are experiencing the same thing.

-First aid procedures in order to prevent or respond to emergency cases of excessive bleeding and clotting

-And more!

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