What Causes Low Platelet Counts

Humans too often correct problems without getting to the root of the issue. It is in our nature to use the quick fix at our fingertips rather than stopping the problem altogether.

But in the case of your health, a quick fix like taking medication can be a dangerous game and a slippery downward slope that can become a landslide.

Taking a single medication may not be very harmful, but it is not uncommon to be forced to take a pill to fix the symptoms of another pill. Soon enough, it is difficult to distinguish what is a side effect and what is an actual ailment.

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There are measures that can be taken to solve low platelet counts, with the most serious and extreme of these being a splenectomy, or the removal of your spleen. However this surgery is irreversible and has a lot of dangerous side effects.

If you are suffering from low platelet counts, you should get to the root of the issue and do all that you can to stop your platelet counts from decreasing.

Of course, some of these issues are caused by your body and cannot be reversed, however there are lots of moving parts of your body, and there are things that you can do to decrease the loss of your platelet count.

For starters, you should read the book Conquer Low Platelets. This eBook will help you learn to increase low platelets using proven natural alternatives.

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How Platelets Work

Platelets are the tiny, invisible cells that are within our blood that bond to each other when there is damage in our bodies.

For example, when we prick our finger, platelets within our blood recognize that there is a free flow of blood where a blood vessel is damaged. The platelets bind to one another so that they block the damaged area, thus forming a clot, which eventually dries and becomes a scab.

Without these invisible, blood bandages, humans would be much more likely to bleed to their death.

The condition of too few platelets, called thrombocytopenia, can be dangerous because platelets are needed to keep you from bleeding.

A normal drop of blood, called a microliter, contains anywhere from 150,000 to 450,000 platelets.

Platelet Regeneration

Just like many other types of diseases and hereditary functions, you may inherit several different conditions that can cause reduced platelets.

There are also some types of medications that result in the loss of platelets.

Platelets are created in the bone marrow, however, there are many conditions, diseases and other factors that can stifle the production of platelets. On some occasions, these issues are only periodic while they are permanent in other cases.

Each platelet survives approximately 10 days before your body regenerates a new one to replace it. Human bodies, as well as animal bodies, are constantly regenerating thousands, or even millions, of platelets each day.

Spleen Issues

A common cause of low platelets is that they will become trapped in the spleen, which is a fist-sized organ that sits below your rib cage. A spleen is responsible for maintaining your health by filtering your blood and fighting infection.

In some cases, a spleen can become enlarged. There is a variety of disorders, both hereditary and non-hereditary, that can cause the spleen to grow.

When a spleen is larger than it should be, it will filter out too much of the blood and take away some of the good along with the bad. Oftentimes an enlarged spleen will actually store platelets. This means that there are many platelets that exist in the body but do not circulate within the blood as they should.

Low platelet production

Because platelets have a short lifespan in the human body, they need to be regenerated often and efficiently to properly do their job.

If there are up to 450,000 platelets in a drop of healthy blood, you can imagine how many platelets there are in an entire body.

Because platelets are created in bone marrow, any disease or complication that affects the marrow will obviously have some effect on platelet production.

Some issues that will cause a decrease in the production of platelets include anemia, some infections including HIV, Aids and hepatitis C, some types of cancer and chemotherapy used to treat it, and alcoholism.

Other conditions

There is a number of conditions that will cause platelets to break down or be produced more slowly than they should.

Very often pregnant women develop thrombocytopenia. There is a number of theories about why this occurs, however, doctors widely believe platelet count is simply dispersed throughout the blood because women generate more plasma in the blood as preparation for childbirth.

Some types of bacterial infections within blood will destroy healthy platelets.

An E. coli infection from the consumption of raw meats or meats that are undercooked can occasionally destroy certain parts of the blood, including platelets. This issue is called hemolytic uremic syndrome.


Before you can improve your platelet count, you first need to understand why you are suffering from the condition.

Instead of searching for quick fix remedies, you should get to the root of your issue and try to solve the problem intelligently with a full understanding of what your body is trying to tell you.

Another great resource to help you know what to do and how to increase your platelet problem is the eBook Conquer Low Platelets. This book will teach you how to increase low platelets using proven natural alternatives that will be much gentler on your already weakened body.

Nobody wants to be hospitalized or take a handful of medications each morning that will ultimately cause more side effects than solutions.

You should do your research, read the Conquer Low Platelets book and do just what its title suggests: Conquer Low Platelets.


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