The body should have enough platelets to form a clot and prevent the bleeding when you get wounded. If you don’t have enough of it, any activity that can cause bleeding is most likely to occur. Aside from cooking or playing sports, sex can also be one of the risky activity to do.

Maybe if you want to have sex, but a low platelet count is hindering you, you may worry if this activity is prohibited for you to do. Take note that sexual activity including vaginal, masturbating, oral, and anal sex can cause bleeding.

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But despite this fact, the good news is you can do it as long as you have 50,000 platelets per microliter of blood. You also need to remember to do this activity gently to avoid the occurrence of bleeding. If possible, a woman should use a vaginal lubricant during the sexual intercourse. Avoid anal sex as well because it can cause tearing. There are also a lot of risks that you have to face, so make sure that having sex will not cause you any problem.

Some patients diagnosed with thrombocytopenia continue this activity, but along with it is taking extra precautions to avoid adverse effects. Even those who are undergoing chemotherapy still do this activity. However, you must be aware that this type of treatment can have an adverse impact when the woman got pregnant. It can lead to congenital disabilities, so make sure to use contraceptive drugs.

The condition like thrombocytopenia can make you become weak. Because of it, it can affect your mood to have sex. If you are less interested in this activity, discussing it with your partner can help.  Let him understand what you feel so it won’t ruin your relationship.

Make sure to monitor yourself if you are having some symptoms like easy bruising, bloody tool, gum bleeding, heavy vaginal bleeding, red urine, or dizziness. If these conditions occur, make sure to avoid having sex because it indicates that your platelet is too low. It is not safe for you to do this activity so, you have to wait until your platelet count increases.

If any of these symptoms exist, avoid taking any drugs without your doctor’s prescription. Certain medications can interfere with the production of platelets and can cause additional problems, too. If you still want to continue having sex despite your condition, you have to inform your doctor so he can check if your platelet count is eligible to do.

It is essential to monitor your platelet count when you are diagnosed with thrombocytopenia, or you are receiving chemotherapy treatment. It will help you or your doctor know if you can go back to your sexual activities again. It is the condition when you are at risk of developing an infection so make sure to follow your doctor’s advice if you can do this activity once again.

Adverse effects to men

If you are a patient undergoing radiation treatment or chemotherapy, expect that the semen you produce after ejaculation looks brown even after the therapy process. The sperm can also look burnt orange sometimes, but it is just a normal reaction of your body after a few ejaculations. However, if you continue having a brown discharge accompanied with pain and you’re having difficulty in erecting, you should immediately report this unusual situation to your doctor.

You should expect that the treatment should only have temporary effects such as quick orgasms and fluids you release are becoming lesser. You will also have smaller erections which are the impact of the therapy. But these problems should only last within four months after your treatment.

If these issues continue to occur for more than that period, it is crucial to seek for your doctor’s advice. He will then check your testosterone level through a blood test to see if it is low. If so, he will recommend replacing your testosterone level to bring it back to normal so you can enjoy your sexual activity once again.

Adverse effects to women

Women can also experience various effects if they are diagnosed with low platelet count and still want to continue their sexual activity. It is due to the changes in their hormone level which usually occurs during the menopausal period. Their vagina can become dry, so if they want to have sex, they need to use water-based lubricants to avoid friction or pain and make the intercourse gentle. That dryness can cause pain, discomfort, and trauma which can lead to bleeding.

If thrombocytopenia exists during their menopausal stage, the woman will experience symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, and flushing. Even their interest in sex will also be affected. They will also have an irregular menstrual period, or it may stop completely. It is best to monitor the platelet count as well as the menstrual cycle because it can also lead to bleeding if the platelets become fewer.

Additional tips

Both men and women with cancer or low platelet count should not worry when having a sexual contact because there is no chance that they can pass this disease. They only need to make sure that they don’t do rough sex. However, take note that their immunity level is reduced. As a result, they are more prone to infections that can complicate the issue.

So, to avoid complications, make sure to use protection when having sex like a condom. This material can also protect your partner from absorbing chemotherapy. It is also essential not to pressure yourself if you are not yet ready to have sex. It is normal that you will feel tired which will affect your erection.

You also need to remember to avoid sexual contact when you or your partner has flu, cold sores, or any infection. It is also advisable that people who have hepatitis C should avoid sex because you may pass the virus to your partner. Those who have this disease are also at high risk of developing a low platelet count. Therefore, the patient is also prone to bleeding.

What Kind of Platelet Problem Do You Have?

Fixing Your Platelet Count Is Possible!

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